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Put our expertise to good use to propel your business to the next level. You are a professional in your industry – not a website designer or SEO copywriter. Our skilled team of experts work together to deliver a seamless brand and website design experience. Do more of what you love while we do what we love. 

Our goal is to give you a user-friendly and engaging custom website designed from top to bottom. Your website will show who you are and why you are the best possible solution for your client.  

At Avenlee Collective, we build a solid foundation for you to be the professional business you are.

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Leesa Dykstra

After close to a decade as a professional brand and website designer, Leesa realized her clients needed more than what she could offer on her own. A high quality website needs more than to just look beautiful. Her clients needed SEO-driven copy that would get them to the top of all online searches and a robust tech setup so their websites would work smoothly. And because a great designer can’t be an excellent writer and tech guru too, she wanted to join with other experts to offer a seamless experience and provide a cohesive look and feel for the brands and websites we designed. 

Creative Director and Project Manager

Jessica Finton

The words on your website are just as important as how your page looks. If you don’t show up in online searches, you will not be able to have consistent bookings. Jes uses her 9+ years of experience as an SEO copywriter to curate a list of long and short-tailed keywords using a variety of specialized tools and by-hand research to find the best words to use to improve SEO for our clients. Beyond making sure your site is found by the people needing your services, we want to make sure potential clients get a clear sense of who you are when they read through your website. Jes has a special ear for people’s voices, which lets her paint an authentic picture of your life story, goals, and the services you offer. A website is an essential part of building your dream as a photographer. It’s how you connect with your clients, showcase your work and market yourself. We ensure your website uses thoughtful copy that authentically reflects who you are to your future clients.

SEO Expert and Director of Copywriting

Matt Dykstra

Matt specializes in evaluating sites. He carefully identifies any potential weak points and offers the solutions necessary to ensure your website works as it should. His primary focus is preserving and protecting your business investment and the work you've put in. As our resident tech guru, he then creates the systems you need for your future growth. Matt goes above and beyond, ensuring you have a reliable and user-friendly website that you can confidently operate for the lifetime of your site.

Tech Specialist and Showit Expert 

Jessica Willis

Jess is a branding specialist and web designer. She supports the design process working closely with Leesa, the lead designer. Delivering clean, workable files requires a lot of time and energy. Jess is here to make sure each and every project gets the attention it deserves without keeping Leesa away from working personally with each client.

Associate Designer

Melania Holt

Mel is a copy and content writer. She supports Jes, our SEO expert, so she can focus on your SEO strategy. Mel is here to tell your story in a way that creates connection with your ideal clients. She focuses on crafting powerful copy that is true to your own unique voice and attracts people you will love to work with.

Associate Copywriter

Amanda Kunz Walter

It all begins with an idea. No matter how big or small, the way you convey your business or brand personality can make all the difference. Amanda specializes in taking your thoughts and translating them into written content that reaches the heart of your client base — and makes an impact with Google. With over ten years of experience in SEO copywriting, social media, and digital marketing, Amanda is here to help you build your brand awareness and increase your digital performance through effective and strategic content.


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